Petal Connection

The Petal Connection
grow. bloom. wear.

The Petal Connection mother and daughters artists create one of a kind wearable pieces made of all natural flowers, petals, leaves and now even butterflies.  The whole flower-power family obsession started out several years ago with identical twin sisters, Alanna and Gennelle Dedek, who were about twelve years old at the time.

Each piece of The Petal Connection jewelry is hand crafted in Southern California, without any machines, mass-production, or hired workers.   The jewelry line has grown to include earrings, pendants, bracelets, brooches and rings, as well as pieces made out of real butterfly wings.  Each of these natural works of wearable nature art will set the wearer apart from the crowd, and is guaranteed to generate interest and amazed comments.  Currently, they are working with a silversmith on a line of one-of-kind sterling silver leaves to incorporate into a new line of bracelets and necklaces.

Many of The Petal Connection customers are satisfied repeat clients, who return for yet another pair or two to match another outfit, because their jewelry is so light and comfortable, and eye-catching.  Often, women are heard lamenting:  “I need more, because my daughter borrowed my daisies, and she won’t give them back!